Developed by Rozess, 3-In-1 LipoSlim is a unique and innovative slimming concept based on a 3-part approach to targeting areas with stubborn fat and aiding individuals from all walks of life on their weight loss journey.

Through a shared passion to reveal the beauty of real women, and their entrepreneurial spirit, energy and curiosity, Hermarie Prozesky and Amelia Roux launched the 3-in-1 LipoSlim franchise concept in 2014, after five successful years of developing an effective product line and business solution.

We enable others to be their own kind of beautiful. We help and empower beauty entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and in doing so, create further viable work opportunities for others. We achieve this by imparting our values, knowledge, superior product range and innovative equipment to the practitioners and salons that form part of the 3-In-1 LipoSlim Group.


Our vision is to redefine beauty and create environments that empower individuals to discover their own kind of beautiful and to share it with the world in a graceful, fearless and inspirational way.

We believe that the world does not need another glamour brand; it needs a mirror, one that reflects the true beauty inside each of us. We also believe in real results that can be measured and are grounded on evidence-based research, not empty hype and gimmic.

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Founded by Hermarie Prozesky and Amelia Roux in 2009, our business emerged from our friendship and ability to spot and embrace opportunities that came our way. Initially supplying consumables to beauty salons and professionals, we soon expanded our offering to meet the increasing demand for effective and professional slimming and body sculpting products. Based on in-depth research into advanced treatment technologies available, we began to import first-in-class infrared and lipo laser equipment that worked together to form a complete body slimming and sculpting solution. With the addition of the InBody solution, we were also able to analyse body conditions and measure and track customer progress and the effectiveness of our treatment, adding further value to our services.

During 2012, we also partnered with a reputable pharmaceutical company to develop our own unique range of all-natural slimming products to enhance and maintain the effects of the treatments we provide. With all the elements in place and knowing that our customers were looking for a predictable, quality experience, we expanded our existing treatment solutions to salons with a franchise option under the 3-In-1 Liposlim brand name.

Throughout this journey, we’ve set out to make a valuable change in people’s lives and that has been the driving motivation behind our success. Our devotion to unveiling the inner and outer beauty of women everywhere is what differentiates us from generic beauty brands.

 “All the elements were in place, and when we realised that customers were looking for a predictable, quality experience, franchising seemed like the natural progression for our brand,” says Prozesky. “There’s power in simplicity. We like to distil everything down to core concepts that can be easily understood and implemented, and we’ve found that this is as true of product offerings as it is of operating a business.”

You set out to make a change in people’s lives and that is what has driven your success. You are inspired by beauty and professionalism and want people who interact with your products and salons to experience this.

We’re a community of like-minded people spreading beauty and sophistication wherever we go. Just like you, we value wholesome beauty and healthy lifestyles. A need to inspire others drives us and we’re devoted to unveiling the inner and outer beauty of women everywhere. This quality is what differentiates us from generic cosmetic brands and sets us apart from the rest.

Empowering others by enabling them to live out their inherent beauty gracefully and to run their own businesses. You want the sophistication behind your brand to be represented in each and every salon that operates under your brand or sells your products.


Our core values guide us in everything we do and form the backbone of the 3-In-1 Liposlim culture.

  • ETHICS - We respect and value the world we live in.

  • DIVERSITY - We never discriminate.

  • LEADERSHIP - We lead by example.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - We are responsible for our actions.

  • FEARLESSNESS - We step out of our comfort zones.

  • INTEGRITY - We’re honest and consistent.

  • PROFESSIONALISM - We’re dedicated, punctual, and organised